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Field of Work - SM do Brasil

Field of Work

SM operates on the National International and foreign market since 1997. Its technical staff has acquired its experience at the External Assembly Supervision and Technical Assistance Departments of Mannesmann Demag Ltda, currently named SMS Demag, for which it renders outsourced services of excellence in the fields of coordination and supervision of industrial electromechanical assemblies.

In charge of setting and starting up the project, it thereby fulfills the interest of our customers who receive an entire plant ready for operation in the lead time and with the quality that is required.

We develop a true spirit of partnership together with our customers, and take into account all the specific aspects of the enterprise so as to reduce any interference in the different assemblies to a minimum by taking into account the plant production flow, while always keeping the proper security standards and any valid directive for the premises in mind.

We operate promptly in the following fields:

1. Contract and Project Coordination:
1.1. Technical and Commercial Coordination of Requests:
2. Manufacture and Assembly Supervision and Inspection:
2.1. Manufacture Supervision:
2.2. Quality Inspection and Control:
2.3. Instrumentation Services:
3. Industrial Machine and Equipment Supervision, Assembly, Maintenance and Commissioning:
3.1. General Coordination of External Assemblies:
3.2. External Mechanical Assembly Supervision:
3.3. External Electric Assembly Supervision:
3.4. External Hydraulic Assembly Supervision:
3.5. Equipment Commissioning Supervision:
3.6. Mechanical Assemblies and Tubing:
3.7. Electric Systems and Instrumentation:
3.8. Industrial Machine and Equipment Maintenance:
3.9. Manufacture of Electromechanical and Hydraulic Equipment on Commission:
4. Elaboration and Specification of Mechanical, Electric and Hydraulic Projects:
5. Consultancy and Technical Assistance in the Fields of Mechanics, Hydraulics, Electricity and Instrumentation:
6. Industrial Equipment Automation Projects:

SM’s work philosophy is to supply effective, low-cost, high quality, services diligently to meet its customers requirements.